Honor My Country Brass Buckle Trigger Action Folder

  • Weighs in over 200 grams. 
  • Engraved Handle
  • Liner locking mechanism.
  • 9 inches overall length. - 5 inch long handle.
  • 4 inch blade length made of 1045 surgical steel.

This specialty item has "I Served At Sea, Been There Done That" engraved on the handle. It also features a U.S. battle ship with anchors on the side.These are knives but double as brass knuckle-like public safety tools when the knife is folded. The blade features a Action technology that is lightning-fast and made for quick access. Each finger hole on the handle has a spike and the tip of each knuckle. As far as scale and overall design, this item is historically correct and sure to astound core fans of the original fixed blade model. 

We do not ship this item to MA, CA, NY, NJ, PA, DE, VA or Internationally.

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